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Analytical Services
(Data, Patterns, Systems)

Our Capabilities

If it can be analyzed, our staff has probably done it (or would like to). And in today's highly competitive world, understanding your company's data is the key to improved profits and better customer relations. Our expertise in analysis covers a wide breadth of data and applications. We specialize in pattern recognition and data exploration and, as the list below demonstrates, we've looked at a lot of different applications.

  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Acoustic Emissions from structural fatigue cracking in aircraft
  • Health Care Policy
  • Epidemiological surveys containing demographic and alcohol abuse data
  • Speech Recognition
  • Poor quality sound waveforms from noisy microphone
  • Vehicular Access Control
  • Image database with license plates
  • Finance
  • Stock market equity data
  • Access/Inventory Monitoring
  • Time-dispersed RF signal IDs
  • System Control
  • Position sensing data from tank turret simulator
For more information about our analytical expertise, including modeling and the application of advanced technologies such as neural networks and genetic algorithms to business applications, please click on one of the links below.

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